the law of cause and effect

How often do we think we are at the butt of something unfair done to us by someone?  I used to be like that until I realised the ‘law of cause and effect’ works in life as well as physics.  I realised how cunningly this ‘life law’ operates. I realised one can fool society, fool the legal system but not this universal law.

My big lesson came when I was dropping off my son to school enroute to work.  I was using a taxi for this as I needed to get to work quickly after that.  I got out at the school and took my son inside.  Upon return, I found an argument going on.  It appeared that my taxi had been reversing and while doing so, had come very close to a school child cycling on the pavement.  The mother was shouting angrily while the driver kept saying that she should not have let her son be so close to the road.  I apologised profusely to the mother and then went on my way.  Later on, I complained about the driver to the taxi company and told them that this driver was not good.

Four weeks later, I was walking home with my son when I nearly got knocked over by a child, rushing around in his bike.  I recognised the boy immediately.  The mother was on the mobile phone while the boy was cycling in the school grounds where one is not allowed to do so.  My son laughed when he saw my shocked face and said, ‘Mummy, did not you not know that he is always rushing around, hitting other people?’  At that moment, I also felt guilty for having complained about the taxi driver.  While the mother was quick to blame the taxi driver, she saw nothing wrong in what her son was doing.  She failed to take responsibility for her own actions.  Heaven forbid that in the earlier incident, nothing had happened to the boy.  Yet, it struck me how the mother had failed to see ’cause and effect’ and learn from the earlier incident.

After this, I started noticing more and more, the causal law at work.  People dropping cigarette stubs on the pavement, then getting splashed by a car; someone bring rude to others and then someone else being unreasonably rude back to them;  cheating on the benefits system and then losing their jobs or money, etc.  All these people without fail would complain, ‘What have I done to deserve this?’  I also saw the reverse of this: people smiling at each other, being polite to someone  and then getting an unexpected gift or something else that made them happy.  It was so easy and direct- the lesson being that if you are good and do good, then goodness comes back to you in one way or the other.

This has made me less liable to complain and has given me more contentment.  I have stopped ‘expecting’ from people too. Sometimes the law of cause and effect is not direct. So I may give something to someone but I may find an unexpected gift coming from someone else.  When we accept the law of causality, we stop becoming victims- we know we can change so easily.  In our web of life, we are all interconnected and what ever we do, has a reaction.  So let us always do good.