Five rules of being creative

I have been reading a lot about creative people and it struck me that they are not all how they are pictured to be- undisciplined, messy, chaotic and unreliable.  But these are just stereotypes.  Creatives come from all kinds of backgrounds, they may be women or men and from different religions and cultures.  However, what they have in common are these –

1. They are good observers– Creative people tend to see and hear things that others miss out.  This ability aids them in their creativity and work.

2. They are organised and tidy– they can find whatever they need and do what they need to do because they are organised and tidy.  By being like this, they can work at a good pace and without stressing themselves.

3. They are disciplined– They have schedules, which include times when they do creative things and other times when they do organised and boring stuff.  They recognise that in order to do the important stuff, they might have to do urgent stuff first to create space.  They don’t party all the time, they do it when they’ve finished their work.

4. They discard the shallow and go for the deep– they do the important stuff that only they can do, anything other minor stuff they drop.  Except housekeeping stuff that they need to do regularly so that it does not become urgent and disorganised.

5. They keep healthy– in order to be creative, they need to stay at peak condition.  Their work:life balance is good and they don’t spend hours working- they have fun too. They take breaks, exercise and eat healthily.