Staying together


Couples who do things together, stay together!  It is important to have shared goals. Although you may not do absolutely everything together, as long as your main and most important goals match, then you will be working together and loving your time together.

I saw this lovely example recently at a pottery workshop.  A couple who had met with their shared love of pottery, decided to make these bowls together for their wedding.  The idea is that these bowls will be used to decorate the table and then each guest can take them away as a memento of their shared joy in this marriage. I am sure this marriage is made to last!  Congratulations to this happy and wonderful couple who incidentally I don’t know and have never met but already I feel the joy of their wedding and their lives.

Never wait for someone to change

How many times have we waited for thing to change?  For other people to respect or love us?  For a marriage proposal or commitment even?  I have come to the conclusion that if things are right, they happen anyway.  Men in particular, change immediately when they meet the right person- they may get a job, change a job, become domesticated, want to marry, have children, whatever, etc.  All that happens because they want to do it- not because you want them to do it!  I had a relationship with someone- I even hate to call it a relationship now.  This man was lazy, unreliable and all over the place.  On the other hand, I am organised and very nurturing kind of person- and I thought that by being with me, he would naturally change.  No, he did not and I wasted a long time waiting for him to change when I could have gone and found someone else.  And to tell the truth, when we first met and I experienced a very unpleasant side of him and challenged him, he did say,”I am never going to change!”  Yes, he was right- and how foolish I was!  We live and learn as they say.