Collective wisdom 1

I will be putting down some words of wisdom I have gleaned from other sources on this from time to time!

This week from David Tang. Tang is a Hong Kong businessman and socialite best known as the founder of the Shanghai Tang fashion chain.  Following his primary education at La Salle Primary School, Tang was sent to The Perse School, Cambridge, aged 13, hardly able to speak English and thereby failing his English O levels six times. After school, he studied Philosophy and law at  King’s College London. He then went on to be a founding father for fashion labels, cigar companies, oil exploration and luxury hotels- and also Financial Times’ agony uncle.  These are his pieces of wisdom on friendship-

  • Friendship is for pleasure, not practicality.
  • If you want to meet people again, you’ve got to make sure they want to meet you even more. Ask: ‘how can I make every one of my guests enjoy themselves’.
  • Being intimidated comes from yourself, not others. If you are intimidated, then don’t show it!
  • Tests for friendships- you have their mobile number, you’ve had dinner at their place and you’ve been on holiday with them.
  • Don’t be sycophantic or cynical- tell people what you think but make them laugh!