For many years, I have been experimenting with creative living ideas that are easy, everyday and available. So I decided to start my own blog, writing about food growing, urban life, parenting, working, cooking and all the things I do everyday. So this site is about living joyfully, gracefully and fully immersed in our daily busy lives.  Ideas that work, are easy to do and don’t cost much.  This blog is about moderation or as Buddhists say, finding the middle way.

I am an architect who has been working in sustainable design and community led projects for nearly 30 years.  I grew up in great poverty in India, malnourished and suffering from all sorts of illnesses.  A scholarship to Cambridge University brought me to the UK where I now live and work. I’ve travelled to 42 countries and I try to bring the lessons from these to my work.  I have written about how our personal choices impact on our society, ecology and technology- my books include Architecture For Rapid Change and Scarce Resources.  I set up a small environmental charity, Charushila, which works with youth and children on community projects. I also work in the healthcare sector.  I thought it was about time that I joined up all those things that I am passionate about in one blog- saving money, living healthily and caring for our planet.

I live in a 94 sq. metre flat in London which is perhaps okay for me now as I have two teenage boys living but I hope to downsize when they leave home.  I do not have a garden or access to an allotment so I cannot do many things that people advocate on Youtube such as keeping chickens, composting and growing your own vegetables.  But I do grow a few things, make things and cook many types of cuisine. I try to make all these are easy to do and fun, in a lazy way. I will be sharing my thoughts on cooking, making and keeping tips too.

I hope you can join me.