Biggest lesson of 2015

Life is imperfect.png

2015 has been one of the most difficult years I can remember. It also brought a lot of joy, so it has been a year of extremes.  I have no idea why I expected it to be perfect or to have less problems that other years.  I don’t expect or imagine problems but I realised that life without problems is not life.  We can look around and expect that others are living perfect happy lives but it is not so.  All we can do is embrace our own imperfections and theirs- and be happy! So when I did the tiling behind my kitchen sink using ‘seconds’, I had to finish it off by writing this- Life is imperfect!  So that the next time, I want to whinge about any of life’s imperfections, I have the kitchen sink as my meditation corner. Happy 2016 to everyone.


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