seconds, minutes- your life


I clicked this photo while waiting for a train. As I watched the clock, wishing the train was there sooner, I had this huge realisation about the time ticking by. That time that I could see ticking by was also the time of my life. I watched as the clock ticked each second, each minute of my life away. Before this realisation, I had been tense, impatient and even slightly angry. When I realised what I was really looking at, my attitude changed. I let go off the negative thoughts and spend the last few minutes thinking about the great day I had (I was coming back after a party), the friend I had seen and the new people I had met. The train arrived eventually but in those minutes, I had sent positive messages to myself, not negative. Next time you look at the clock, waiting for something to happen,something or someone to arrive, just observe what you are thinking and snap out of any negative thoughts. I always remember the touching story of a young-at-heart widower, Charlie Snelling photographed by Julian Germain. Charlie kept a card saying, ‘Every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness!’

Don’t lose the seconds, minutes of your life, being negative!


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