Take a note book with you!

These days I carry a small note book with me- I never know when inspiration may strike! When the moment passes, I forget the thought and the idea never lives again, lost in ether. Here is a small poem I wrote, immersed in classical music being performed in a church (Cesar Franck’s Violin sonata in A major) and looking at the light streaming through the stained glass windows. I did not take the photo during the performance but waited until the end, however the moment along with the light had gone. But the poem remains, it has captured what I had experienced at a moment in time.


Sunlight through the high windows
Stained in colours brilliant,
Flickers mischievously through the leaves, slow.
Hear the pathos, the joy, the reverent.
Time slows in the ancient sanctuary sad.
Softly with the strains of lost lore,
Played from the time long gone,
Creations of those that are no more,
Remembering a timeless song!


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