A simple tip to stop procrastination


Like many others I had read about procrastination and how to stop it, how I was frittering away previous time that would never come back and look at my life in term of minutes and seconds- not years.  Those ideas certainly helped but what helped me the most was my watch.

I had stopped wearing my watch for many years because someone had impressed upon me about being ‘free’ from time constraints and being ‘natural’. So I did not wear my watch and even if I did, I developed a strange aversion to looking at it!  I would even strain to look at watches of fellow commuters on a train to tell the time.  So I was running late, not paying attention to what time it was and making excuses.  I do a lot of desk work and there are clocks on my computers which I use.  But I never looked at them or ignored them.

However, when I started wearing my watch, it all changed.  I became more conscious of the passing of time and how I was spending it.  There is this (slight)weight on my wrist which forces me to look at it.  While I don’t panic or become a compulsive looker at my watch, I use it consciously to be creative and contributive.  My time is my life!



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