the undercurrent

Chances are that you made New Year’s resolutions. As we enter the second half of the year, were are you now with those resolutions?  Have you achieved half of them?  To be honest, I stopped making goals/targets/resolutions long time ago.  Yet this year, I have achieved much more than I could ever have dreamed of.  And they were not certainly things  I could have ever thought of.  I have come to be believe in the invisible pathways of our lives- a sort of subtle undercurrent that we tend to miss in the busy making of our lives.

J G Bennett, a radical English philosopher had this to say,”we labour under the misapprehension that we have to think up what we have to do.  The truth is that this is not our responsibility, because the pattern of things is far greater than we can imagine…the direct perception of our pattern belongs to…the unconditional side of our nature.”

Buddhism talks about ‘dependent origination‘- that we are interconnected- part of a gigantic jigsaw puzzle.  Sometimes what we want comes through effortlessly and sometimes despite every effort, nothing happens.  That does not mean we have failed.  Sometimes the time is not right, sometimes circumstances.  But whatever happens, we have to trust it is the right thing for our lives.  Roger Housden explains further, “..the natural undercurrent of your life..may want to go one way even as you another.  This is the current that is often responsible for plans that seem to go awry, for doors that refuse to open despite persistent knocking.  The same undercurrent places sudden and unforeseen circumstances and opportunities in your way.  A deeper, truer life- truer to your authentic pattern- is awaiting you to follow its course, except its voice is quiet and cannot easily be heard in the daily commotion.”

This does not mean we just sit around doing nothing, waiting for things to happens to us.  It simply means that we learn to listen to the genuine song of our heart and follow it.


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