the unsolicited

I read in a business management book about giving your boss an unsolicited report and how that could improve your chances of promotion.  But how about more of that in our daily lives?  Unsolicited words of thanks, sorry, compliment, praise, comfort or reassurance?  I have been using that liberally and to what great results.  I told my computer technician that he was doing a great job trying to re-start my computer and thanked him.  This, by the way, is an eight year old computer, from which I needed to transfer all my data to a new one.  After a couple of nail biting hours, he rang up to say that he had managed to re-start my old computer and transferred all the data without having to trash the old computer or lose any data.  Then he thanked me!  What goes around, comes around.  The more you offer words of thanks, sorry, compliment, praise, comfort or reassurance, the more you get them.  As for abusive words, trash them!


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