a quiet confidence

Why is it that men seek younger and younger women? If famous and rich, men will have companions 20, 30, 40, 50 years younger.   But, if a woman seeks a younger man then she is called a ‘cougar’- I have never understood that.  In the age of youthfulness, any woman over 35 is an ‘old woman‘.

If I look at my hero, Agatha Christie, she was happily married to a man 16 years younger than her after her divorce.  And that was in the 1940’s.  So, let us break some of these taboos in the 21st Century and be with someone who totally respects us, whatever our age (and his age).

To tell the truth, when I was younger, I did not have the confidence I have today.  And good and kind men want confident women.  If you are planning to get old with someone, they will love you even more for being a confident person, especially when youth fades.  Actually if you look at many older women, Elle Macpherson and Kristin Scott-thomas, come to mind- don’t they look fantastic?  They are quietly confident women, confident in their work and life.  Let us follow their examples.


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