Never wait for someone to change

How many times have we waited for thing to change?  For other people to respect or love us?  For a marriage proposal or commitment even?  I have come to the conclusion that if things are right, they happen anyway.  Men in particular, change immediately when they meet the right person- they may get a job, change a job, become domesticated, want to marry, have children, whatever, etc.  All that happens because they want to do it- not because you want them to do it!  I had a relationship with someone- I even hate to call it a relationship now.  This man was lazy, unreliable and all over the place.  On the other hand, I am organised and very nurturing kind of person- and I thought that by being with me, he would naturally change.  No, he did not and I wasted a long time waiting for him to change when I could have gone and found someone else.  And to tell the truth, when we first met and I experienced a very unpleasant side of him and challenged him, he did say,”I am never going to change!”  Yes, he was right- and how foolish I was!  We live and learn as they say.



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