worries, no worries

I was worried that I would not be able to blog today.  My computer just closed down for no reason and would not start up.  I thought that I would have to go out to get a new one, then thought about how much it would cost, which brand I should buy, how I would bring it back home, how I would transfer my work from my old computer into the new one… and so on.  I was just getting unhappy and worried. My head was winning over my heart!

Then I just decided not to worry and just enjoy the evening with my family.  I called the computer engineer and he was to come to take away the old computer to rescue all the files the next day.  I had a lovely dinner with my children after which I started to think about all the good things that had happened today.  In light of all the good things, the computer problem was only one bad thing.  So I decided, all in all, it had been a good day.  Then a miracle happened.  Suddenly the computer burst into life.

I rang the computer engineer to cancel his appointment and then started writing this blog.  No one knows why the computer stopped working and then started again- we did Internet searches later to understand why this may have happened, we changed the fuse, looked at all the connections- but we could not figure out why a machine stopped working and then started again.  For no reason it seems.

But to think again, I think there was a reason- things happen for a reason.  Even this had a lesson for me- I am a perpetual worrier.  So my wonderful computer I like to think, taught me a great lesson about not worrying.  I must use this new lesson of not worrying from now on.  As Nichiren advises-“Never let life’s hardships disturb you. After all, no one can avoid problems, not even saints or sages….Suffer what there is to suffer, enjoy what there is to enjoy. Regard both suffering and joy as facts of life…”


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