The Yarkovsky effect

Small things can make a huge difference.  When people say,”What’s the point of my doing x,y,z?  There are billions of others doing the opposite and its not going to make a difference!”, you have to remind them of the ‘Yarkovsky effect‘.

In 1900, the Russian civil engineer, Ivan Osipovich Yarkovsky, noted that the heating of a rotating object in space by the sun would cause a tiny uneven force of thermal protons that could influence the orbits of small bodies, especially meteoroids and small asteroids. This can lead the meteoroids and asteroids to change course and crash into another larger body.  The Yarkovsky effect may have been responsible for killing all the dinosaurs by making a meteoroid crash into our planet.

Thermal protons are tiny- with zero mass, and yet they can make such a huge difference. We who not only possess mass but also intelligence and emotions, can also make a huge difference.  Only one person needs to start it and if the idea is good, it will change our ‘orbit’- refer to M K Gandhi, M L King or Google!


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