Authentic people and lessons from tulips


(Tulips, Cornwall– photo by author)

What is authenticity?  I made a list of men and women who I think are authentic or true to themselves.  I have been reading about them. Truly their lives are inspirational but what makes them so special?  What do these people have in common? Below is my list of what makes people authentic.  But why the tulip photo?

The name Tulip comes from tulipa or turban (also taliban) worn by people in the Middle East like the flower shape. Tulip is associated with many countries- Turkey, Iran and of course, the Netherlands. Tulips bloom at the beginning of spring season therefore they symbolize a new beginning.  I learnt many things from tulips which apply to authentic people too-

1. They are not afraid of saying or doing what they want to without being offensive.  They are assertive without any aggressiveness or defensiveness.  They have the charm factor like the tulip charms without overpowering.  A simple vase with one tulip is enough to make a room inviting.

2. They are friendly without being a burden, i.e. they will help you and listen to you while setting boundaries and being respectful.  They can make natural allies like the tulips which attract bees.

3. They are natural leaders without being pushy or aggressive.  They do not like to follow but they are always gracious and kind to all. Humility is associated with tulips, so are great leaders humble, looking to learn from all.

4. They are emotionally intelligent- not necessarily having high I Qs. Thus they can relate to everyone without dazzling or bamboozling people with thoughts and ideologies. Like the tulips which all enjoy- regardless of their status or wealth.

5. They are passionate and creative people, following their hearts, not others.  They know like the tulips, they do not have to make an extra show- just being themselves is attractive enough.

Make your own list of authentic people today and see what you can learn from them!



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