The Orchid room

I wrote yesterday about having spiritual buddies around you on your creative journey.  These buddies can be those inspirational people who have passed away, those who are around but not in immediate contact (I think of Ann San Suu Kyi for example) and those who are in your immediate environment (I have many inspirational friends).  Having such strong spiritual and creative base will help you to connect your own spirituality and creativity. They also make you stronger. In her book, ‘The Power is within you‘, Louise Hay says-“Every time you use your consciousness in a positive way, you are connecting with people who are doing the same. Every time you use it in a negative way, you are also connecting to that….Every time you visualise good for yourself, you do it for others as well.” In Buddhism, this is called associating with a friend in the orchid room.  Nichiren says, “You have associated with a friend in the orchid room and have become as straight as mugwort growing among hemp.”  Good influences from past and present make us grow into the best person we can be. Image(the photo is of my seven year old boy’s drawing of an orchid presented by a friend)


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