Following my heart

I saw a post by Leo Babauta in which he encouraged us to create blogs about ourselves.  Now, this is quite terrifying.  I had got used to writing privately every day  after reading Julia Cameron‘s books, but the thought of sharing it with everyone- that was fearsome.  So I thought I should challenge this fear. To challenge it, I had to face it, feel it every inch of it, live with it creeping inside my skin and see its loathsome face.  It was not pleasant- what I did see was my own face reflected back.  That is it- my fear was me!  So in a way, I had been fearing myself, my success (possible or not) and all the fears that had been ingrained in me by others right from childhood- all these fears came at me with its multi-headed ugliness.  After scrapping away, only the fear that I had instilled in myself remained- that was the most powerful one.  So I have decided to challenge that too. By writing and by doing what I can do best- being myself, not my fears.



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